Sunday, December 28, 2008

a little random recap of 2008..


- won first place in a web designing contest at school
- saw and met Sam at SM
- lead the Noli Me Tangere class play
- joined prom
- got 59/75 sa Chem exam
- broke a test tube
- walked 5km because of boredom
- walked 1km without eatng lunch (as a parusa to myself)
- attended the Bulawan Festival at Comval
- got addicted to PBB - the nth time around
- got my first ipod
- broke my ipod earphones (just recently. but they still work LOL)
- failed Health
- got a position
- met the robilievers and xoxo ;)
- entered MP Training
- got an unexpected birthday gift
- entered school - 4th year life
- met Robi ;)
- experienced senior busyness
- lost a friend
- cried to bits
- got tired
- got jealous
- joined the retreat
- shared my dramatic life story
- took the lead
- got really really mad
- threw a fit
- realized that i'm sick
- realized that some people are really insensitive
- had crushes
- produced a stage play
- joked around
- danced the cha cha cha and waltz
- bought 2 Rubik's cube
- joined a Mindanao Forum
- revived my chocolate addiction
- danced and partied til dawn
- played an illegal game
- was shouted at
- had too much of some things
- had a new nephew
- changed my life
- did something i regretted
- was talked about
- was stalked around
- played a trick on someone
- told someone i was busy when in fact i wasn't
- stayed up late for projects
- denied friendship
- lied
- hid secrets
- got confused
- stayed home all day doing nothing
- stayed out until 3am
- got a new phone
- went out with my cousin everyday for days
- had a reunion with ASS ;)
- surfed the internet 24/7
- gave up on something
- received compliments
- was treated differently
- talked to myself (and i'm not crazy, thankyouverymuch)

[will add more if i want to.]


JAM signing off, 10:40 PM.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

it's been a long time since i last posted here. i've been busy as ever.

i actually posted my official wishlist on my Multiply account. and i'm sooo tamad to repost here. :P

anyway, it's crazy. i looked at my statistics and some people search about stuff (both really weird and weird) which lead them to my blog. i'm kinda going to enumerate them here :D

1. google > mentally traumatized
- OHMYGOSH. mentally traumatized?!
2. yahoo > robilievers
3. google > umiyak si robi..
- hala, nung PBB days pa ata to. but yeah, umiyak si Robi. aww :(
4. google > ukay ukay stuffed toys
- hahaha amp ukay-ukay stuffed toys?! since when?! =))
5. google > school paper layout tips
- bat sa site ko maghahanap? di naman ako part ng school paper? :| (pero! may kwento ako tungkol dyan, save it for later)
6. yahoo > robicole
- err
7. google > gwapo pics
- amp may gwapo pics ba dito sa blog ko?! :))
8. google > sulitext
- pati ba sulitext?! (anyway, may kwento din ako tungkol dyan mamaya)
9. google > ateneo high school class m batch 2008 robi domingo
- natawa ako dito, kumpleto kung magsearch! =))
10. google > tagalog surveys fun crazy
- ay :|

so anyway, about the school paper thingy, i got mentioned sa school paper. crap, sa wishlist pa. gusto ko daw ng Rubik's Cube. I ACTUALLY DO NOT REMEMBER ANY TIME I GOT INTERVIEWED BY A BLUE KNIGHT MEMBER. :))
anyway, whatever. i have my Rubik's cube na :)

about the sulitext thingy naman, ayun ang bagal ng service ng unli ngayon. langya, naparegister tuloy ako ng sulitext. sayang ng 15 pesos, di sulit =))
anyway, okay lang. unli na ako. 5 days =))

hmm, tomorrow, pupunta ako ng beach kasi christmas party ng penong's tomorrow. sa Blue Jazz sa Samal Island. lol. tho dapat overnight kami dun pero di na ako nakaabot, yung sister and brother ko na lang yung andun. hahabol naman kami tomorrow morning. haha :)

on the 25th, i don't know kung ano gagawin ko pero i think christmas party ng cousins yan. i just don't know where and kung sino ang host this year. funny, i don't know kung sino ang bibigyan ko ng gift. haha!

this actually tells me that i missed posting here. maybe magiging madalas ang pagpost ko dito (kung di ako aagawan ng pwesto ng kuya ko sa pc. nowhere to be found kasi ang laptop. argh.


JAM signing off, 6:47 AM.
Saturday, December 6, 2008

our play wasn't so bad after all :)

anyway, sumali ako sa chat with Robi nung thursday. okay naman. hahaha


JAM signing off, 4:24 AM.
Monday, December 1, 2008

i attended the Mindanao Week Of Peace: History Student's Forum and Workshop for Peace last saturday, November 29, 2008 at Holy Cross of Davao, Bajada, Davao City.
i can't believe those warfreaks (sorry for the term) spend Php15-20M each day! yes, you read it right. EACH DAY!!
with that money, i could've gone to manila, shopped till i dropped and went back home before papa finds out. wait, i have to meet up with my friends while shopping =))

so anyway, some update about our stage play.
we still don't have the final props. we don't have the music. we haven't had our dress rehearsal, final rehearsal, whatever rehearsal, blah blah.

(here goes my rant. in tagalog and bisaya.)
nakakainis talaga ang mga tao lalo na pag papresyo sila masyado.
last saturday, ang usapan, 7am. dumating ng 10am.
kanina, ang usapan, 9am para may time pa. dumating ng 10:30am. hanggang 11am lang kami on both days.
IMAGINE?! sino ba may gusto ng ganyang klaseng tao?
kung di lang sya bida, ay nako matagal ko na sya pinatanggal.
nakakaasar isipin.
kung ayaw nya magperform sa stage play dahil di sya nakasama sa CDO sa badminton thingy nya, sana naman sabihin nya nang makapractice ang papalit sa kanya. punyeta naman oh.
(ends rant)

anyway, naaappreciate ko ang efforts ng mga walang parts pero sumisipot sa practices. i hope everyone would be like that.

i bet i'll cry again tomorrow. dahil sa galit.
i can't let my temper rule. or else magkaka-heart attack ako ng maaga. at mawawala na ako sa buhay ninyong lahat.
or maybe they like that.
(i'm not suicidal. i'm not stupid enough to be.)

so yeah, i'm doing the music thingy. pero i don't know what to put kasi walang nakalagay sa script. and wala rin naman ako maisip na ilagay.

err, kill me now.
(figurative language, friends)

JAM signing off, 4:34 AM.
Saturday, November 22, 2008

things aren't as easy as they seem right now.

i cried awhile ago. being the producer and the overall in charge of the stage play isn't easy. especially when people don't believe you.
they didn't show up during practice this morning. and maybe they thought its that easy to wake up early in the morning only to find out that some people didn't pay attention when you announced that there is a practice.
i hate it.
we just wasted a day. we couldv'e done a lot. but crap, everyone isn't cooperating!

crap i hate it.

JAM signing off, 6:28 AM.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008

its been a long time since i last posted an entry. been kinda busy lately.
thinking of things..

my teacher informed me that the Stage Play will be presented either on the 24th or the 25th.
yes, that is actually less than a week from now. and we still haven't started.
all we have is the script and the script itself.
all we need to do is practice, practice, practice.
on friday, sabaday and sunday, we still have to practice even though we don't have our director on those dates. (hello, Milo sports thingy)
i would have to say goodbye to my weekend again. oh well, that's life.

i'm sad again. :(

okay, that's it. i'll shut up for now. i'm gonna do my economics homework.
and reprint the script.

pray for me, friends. :DD

JAM signing off, 3:52 AM.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008

and now i believe more people are reading my blog.

HAHAHAHAHA, kidding.

i got a high score in math. woohoo!
i know i'm lame, right?

the hell, everyone wants to score high in math. especially this quarter.
we don't have periodical exams, soooo cool. hahaha
but we have replacements. or whatever you call them.

in English class, we have this stage play.
(oh crap, the stage play)

body hurts, danced the cha cha cha awhile ago.
i already have a boy partner!
(for the past practices, i have a girl partner. LOL)

bah whatever. all i know is that i had a great day XD

okay, i'm sabaw. sorry.

JAM signing off, 4:01 AM.

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